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Operators rank Nokia Siemens Networks #1 in Customer Experience Management

By admin on Wed 4 April, 2012

In the Current Analysis’ recent “Customer Experience Management survey: Operator strategies and Purchase Horizon” report*), operators ranked Nokia Siemens Networks together with Hewlett Packard in the first place.

Here’s an excerpt from the main report: “NSN currently enjoys some perception advantages over its immediate rivals in the burgeoning CEM solution market. NSN´s early championing of CEM, as early as a year ahead of rivals, is likely responsible for the companies positive recognition among operators. This point is reinforced when viewing the substantial difference between Nokia Siemens and Ericsson. As such, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei should view Nokia Siemens Networks’ overt focus on CEM as a substantial threat.”

Which vendors do you hold a very positive perspective as CEM solution providers? % of respondent, N=76

The analysis shows that CEM is strongly identified with network operations. Furthermore, operators still see CEM a means to help subscribers resolve or avoid service performance issues. As such, the survey conductors encourage CEM solution providers to promote the adaption of a CEM solution with other major operator agendas, such as OSS optimization.

Can CEM be used to increase revenue? – No doubt about it!

Another important outcome relates to the fact that churn reduction is perceived as one of the key drivers to implement CEM solutions. However, operators are still to ascertain as to how CEM can be utilized to increase revenue. That said, it has also been widely acknowledged that CEM indeed has the power to generate a lot of new revenue. To substantiate this point, we would like to share a few examples of customers who have used our CEM solutions:

•   With our reporting and analytics platform, Serve atOnce Intelligence, the operator was able to identify subscribers using a 2G mobile network to access the Internet while equipped with 3G capable devices! With a3G-upsell campaign the operator tripled the average data revenue per user for these customers.

•   With the right combination of KPIs, the operator identified customers who were experiencing problems with specific Internet services because of wrong device settings. Thanks to our Serve atOnce Device Manager, the operator was able to send a message offering an automated correction to device settings, which resulted in an 85% increase in average data revenue per user. 

•   Another operator realized a 75% increase in voice campaign adoption and a 160% increase in campaign revenue by sending personalized offers proactively at the right time –all made possible thanks to our Intelligent Pricing solution! 

Right services to the right customers

In conclusion, the Current Analysis report points out that “network operators still exhibit some confusion with respect to crafting their CEM adaption strategies”; which implies that organizational issues are the primary obstacle to CEM adoption. In addition, operator value automation and proactiveness as seen as the most important attributes of a CEM solution, and there is unanimous agreement on the fact that CEM is primarily about getting the right services to the right customers.

In the summary of the report it is also stated, “Taken as a whole, CEM vendors are being challenged to better educate operators about how effectively implemented CEM solutions can mitigate some of these conflicts.”

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Iris Heinonen, head of CEM marketing

 *) Customer Experience Management: Operator Strategies and Purchase Horizons published by Current Analysis, February 2012, authored by Jason Marcheck, Custom Research Director. For more details click here

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  1. Syed Thu 5 April, 2012

    Good work NSN, I believe you have spark to rise in again, if your top management get sincere with you……….