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Network and service quality matters

By admin on Thu 17 May, 2012

What if customers in downtown Orlando can’t access their mobile Facebook or the connection gets slow? How long does it take for the mobile operator to detect it, prioritize it and fix it?

According to a recent Acquisition and Retention study,  “network and service quality are highly prized by customers with 60% * of heavy users of mobile broadband expecting excellent network quality even if it costs a bit more”.

Network and service quality have never been more important – operators just cannot compromise on service availability and quality. Unexpected outages and quality degradations are just out of the question.

Bringing the new customer aware tools to bridge the gap

Operators are exposed to a massive volume of data every day. The key challenge is how to handle the growing flood and complexity of data from today’s mobile broadband networks. And it is more challenging for operators to deliver continuous customer satisfaction, because even on-target network key performance indicators (KPIs) do not always translate into top quality mobile broadband services.

How can operations then better ensure that their quality management models reflect the reality? First, it is vital that operations can access all the relevant data: alarms, counters, KPIs, transactional data, even CDRs.  Second, they need to understand precisely what the data means for their customers’ experience and what to look for.

We would like to share some of the key points that help operators better understand the customer’s experience:

Further background is provided by our recent press release:  Mobile operators: Do you really understand your customer’s experience? #CTIA12

To find out more about the new Service Quality Manager (SQM) and Performance Manager (PM) tools, please see our slide deck on SlideShare

* Acquisition and Retention study 2011, commissioned by Nokia Siemens Networks.

This post is by Elisa Saari  from our Customer Experience Management team.

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