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Signals Research test-drives commercial LTE networks in Sweden: Nokia Siemens comes out on top.

By admin on Mon 1 November, 2010

Some interesting research has been published on the first commercial LTE networks in Sweden. As you may be aware, TeliaSonera’s network  in Stockholm is deployed by Ericsson while Nokia Siemens Networks provides LTE for its network in Gothenburg.

Signals Research has published the first comprehensive study of performance on these two networks.  It’s titled “2x20MHz of LTE and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle”

As the report’s author states in the free preview available at the site:

“In this section we identify and discuss in detail twelve of the most significant conclusions and we offer our assessment on the current performance differences between the Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks LTE solutions. Without going into too much detail, we did observe meaningful differences in how the two networks performed and why this was the case. ”

The report’s author states that:

  • “Overall we achieved better results in the Gothenburg network than we achieved in the Stockholm network.
  • In fact according to the research, TeliaSonera’s Gothenberg network (using Nokia Siemens technology) showed 46-49% higher average data rates than the Ericsson built network in Stockholm.
  • Stockholm measured 14% of the time more than 50 Mbps. Gothenburg 31% of the time more than 50 Mbps.
  • “We witnessed the theoretical peak throughput of a Category 3 device (102.05 Mbps) without even trying”

The Signals Research test set up used 4 dongles and transferred a total of 600 GB of data.

The team conducted the tests to collect highly differentiated information which would be relevant to spectrum holders who haven’t yet deployed broadband wireless networks; and mobile operators evaluating the merits of deploying LTE, as well as those seeking the best LTE partner.

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1 comment

  1. musafa abu arra Tue 2 November, 2010

    these results are impressive, i thought ericsson would get better score than nsn did, however this shows the superior performance of nsn in 3G and beyond networks..