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Nokia Siemens Networks nominated in three categories of the Global Mobile Awards 2012

By admin on Fri 27 January, 2012

GSMA GMA Awards logoNokia Siemens Networks has been nominated in three categories of the Global Mobile Awards 2012 – Best Embedded Mobile Device (Non-Handsets), Best Mobile Broadband Technology and Best Infrastructure Technology.

While its wireless router for connectivity to TD-LTE services via WiFi or Ethernet, the CPEi-lte 7212, made the shortlist for Best Embedded Mobile Device, the company’s pioneering Liquid Net (Liquid Radio)[1] technology scored in the latter two categories – Flexi Multiradio Antenna System for Best Mobile Broadband Technology and Flexi Multiradio Base Station for TD-LTE for Best Infrastructure Technology.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Flexi Multiradio Antenna System integrates the base station’s radio frequency (RF) elements into the antenna. Helping to reduce capital and operating costs significantly, while also providing greater capacity and coverage, this product marks the next step in the evolution of radio networks. “In live field conditions, the unique Flexi Multiradio Antenna System has shown that 65% capacity gains have been achievable, accompanied by significant coverage improvement. This in turn provides better user experience for mobile broadband users”, says Kai Sahala, head of Mobile Broadband Marketing in Network Systems.

The Liquid Radio-based Flexi Multiradio Base Station for TD-LTE is a LTE-Advanced ready base station with several unique features. Four sectors in a single remote radio head eliminate the need for four separate products and installations, while 6-sector capabilities give 80% more capacity and 40% more coverage compared to a 3-sector site. “It uniquely offers high-performance software, including dual-stream beamforming and Single RAN for GSM, HSPA, LTE FDD/TDD – translating into cost-effective scalability”, said Ashish Dayama from Network Systems product marketing.

The CPEi-lte 7212 is a wireless router that provides fixed wireless connectivity to TD-LTE services via WiFi or Ethernet. The device that has specifically been built for indoor use allows consumers to enjoy broadband access at up to 102 Mbps (Megabits per second) downlink and 51 Mbps uplink.

Having made the shortlist in three categories is a matter of honour for Nokia Siemens Networks. Says Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA, “Reflecting the intensity of competition and innovation across the mobile ecosystem, we saw a record 600 entries and an exceptionally high quality field of contenders vying for this year’s Global Mobile Awards. It is a significant achievement to have made the shortlist, and our warmest congratulations go to all the nominees announced today. We look forward to the unveiling of the winners at the Mobile World Congress next month.”

This post is by Bareld Meijering from our Network Systems team

[1] There is a natural ebb and flow of capacity demand on mobile networks as smartphone, tablet and other smart device users switch between applications at different times and locations. Part of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Liquid Net, Liquid Radio self-adapts its capacity and coverage accordingly. Through baseband pooling, Liquid Radio repositions base station components to achieve extreme scalability. Liquid Radio also manages unified heterogeneous networks to optimize broadband access. Furthermore, active antenna technology creates more compact, simpler sites that support multiradio, multi-band and multi-technology access, providing up to 65% capacity gain using beamforming.

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