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Nokia Siemens Networks continues to prove LTE-Advanced readiness, TD-LTE speeds

By Asheesh Gulati on Mon 23 July, 2012

For some time now, Nokia Siemens Networks has been on the forefront of TD-LTE commercialization and globalization. Recently in our Arlington Heights, Illinois lab, we proved another milestone in pushing the limits in LTE-Advanced readiness by demonstrating record TD-LTE data speeds and showcasing a new LTE-Advanced capability. The live demonstration was conducted before a group of industry analysts, who were invited to see our innovations first-hand. 

Using our commercial Single RAN Flexi base station hardware, we demonstrated a speed of 1.3 Gigabits per second (Gbps) throughput over TD-LTE by aggregating 60 MHz of spectrum. At this speed, we were able to show how we can help operators meet their customers’ increased uplink capacity demand through a new LTE-Advanced feature, Multi User MIMO (or MU-MIMO). This demonstration replicated our recent record speed demo in Beijing, but used a different configuration of the 3GPP specification – config1 – and included MU-MIMO uplink capabilities. 

This is significant because operators are facing a capacity crunch in the uplink, particularly as more and more users upload their video files and other content. By using MU-MIMO, operators can deliver higher data speeds and meet increased uplink capacity demand. 

We definitely made a solid impression among our analyst guests by showcasing how we were able to push the upper limits with LTE.  The comments in the room were very positive, and they were impressed by our ability to be forward looking and innovative.  They all came away with a better appreciation of how our engineers continue to make significant progress in advancing our LTE capabilities.

While other infrastructure providers have yet to demonstrate data throughput of 1 Gbps over TD-LTE, the demonstration of both our speed and the MU-MIMO feature illustrate how we’re looking to the future so when our customers need the technology, it’s readily available to them. 

This post is by Pepe Lastres, Nokia Siemens Networks’ head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs for the Americas

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1 comment

  1. ravibaidjain Mon 30 July, 2012

    This is really a remarkable feat achieved.
    Hats off to the engineers, whose hard work and knowledge has made this possible.
    Looking forward to see the product in the market.