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Ensuring a Flexible Future in an Unpredictable World

By admin on Fri 28 October, 2011

RC keynote_4G WorldIn his keynote speech at 4G World in Chicago this week, Rick Corker, head of the North American region, presented a call to action for the industry – prepare for a flexible future.
“While telecommunications has been changing for decades, the increased pace of change has been staggering. New players, new behaviors and patterns for demand from customers, a regulatory and economic environment with daily surprises. In a fast-changing and very unpredictable world, operators need the ability to adapt, act fast and expect the unexpected. But, how can service providers effectively run their business and compete in this type of environment?
“At Nokia Siemens Networks, we believe it’s imperative that service providers put in place a plan for flexibility in three key areas: for their network, for their customer’s individual experience, and for the critical skills needed to be successful.
“This means creating networks that are more liquid to meet the huge variations in customer demand. Our Liquid Net architecture is a flexible approach that allows operators to unleash up to 80% of unused capacity in their network as it intelligently and flexibly connects users to the service, content or applications they want.
“Operators also need to better manage the customer experience by having the ability to understand and predict their customers’ expectations, behavior and value. Finally, partnering can flexibly tap the critical skills needed to be successful.
“Navigating in an unpredictable world – whether that change is gradual or sudden – requires we stay vigilant and the best way to do so is to arm ourselves for a flexible future.”

This post is by Carol Dematteo from our NAM team.

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